The floor plan is done.  The contractors are working.  And your new work space is beginning to take shape.  Now you’re looking for…

Art That Will Stand Out

Something bold and evocative, that your visitors, clients, and employees will remember and will remind them you and your brand

Art That Will Blend In

Pictures that will be pleasing, that will complement the surroundings and make people feel at home

Art That You Can Build Around

Ideas that will help define and shape your and your clients’ brand and space

Welcome to My Site

I’m Joshua Sharf, landscape, rural, and urban fine art photographer.

I specialize in working with commercial interior designers looking for large-format fine art photography, either made-to-order or from my online galleries.

From idea to proof to digital to the final print, together we’ll produce the perfect art to fulfill your creative vision for you and your clients.

Look around.  Find something you like, or something that inspires your imagination.  When you’re ready to fill those walls, contact me, or learn more about me and my photography here.