About Me

The Dream of the West

Whether you’re opening a coworking space, a dentist’s office, a green energy company, or a tech startup, you’ll look at those walls every day.

The artwork you put there will build your brand, fill a spot, complement your colors.

And it should remind you and your clients of why you’re out here in the first place, or why you wish you were.

You know what the West means: dramatic landscapes, cowboys and the rodeo, endless opportunity.  It should be a part of every day for you and your clients, captured in the art surrounding you.

Because while your office is in Colorado, you’re not in Colorado for your office.

I’m Joshua Sharf, and I Love Colorado and the West

That’s why I moved here from Virginia twenty years ago.

I’ve driven all over Colorado and the west. I’m allergic to Interstates, taking the scenic routes and the long way, always with an eye to the things that make the west unique and beautiful. The majestic landscapes, and the working ranches and towns. The relics of our past, and our magnetic new cities.

Of course, when I travel back east, I take my camera with me also, to New York City and the Great Smoky Mountains.

Take a look around at my galleries, for sale and for show. I may have something already waiting for your next project. If you like what you see, but have a particular theme or subject in mind, drop me a line.  I’d be delighted to work with you to capture just the image you want.